PlanetX is a semi-turn-based puzzle game. Whenever you move, all the plants in that specific level do so as well.

You have the ability to water and/or cut every plant, to which different Plants will react differently. Soon you will notice the advantages and disadvantages of both of these mechanics.

Solving all of the puzzles the game has to offer, will require a very thorough understanding of how the game works and outside-the-box thinking.

The Story

You are an elite biologist and master gardener sent out by the United Nations to help terraform distant planets and make them inhabitable.

Your specific task is to bring the oxygen production rate to at least a neutral level. Luckily all of the planets you are sent to have native Plants that provide oxygen on their own. The only thing you need to do to encourage the production is to water the plants that are already there. But watch yourself! Some of those plants will inevitably be hostile and might even move in order to try and catch you. Sometimes you will have to cut down a plant or two in order to survive, even if it worsens the state of the planet and puts you further away from reaching your goal. In some locations, there will be ancient structures of long forgotten-civilizations such as constructions providing artificial Gravity.


Puzzle your way through 8 different Planets with unique enemies and obstacles. The Planets consist of multiple levels, that are all completely independent and have the same two win conditions:

  1. A neutral or higher oxygen rate

    You yourself consume oxygen while plants provide some.

  2. Reaching your rocket to escape from the planet

    As soon as you have achieved a neutral oxygen rate your rocket will open up, letting you jump into it in order to escape the location and complete the level.

In order to achieve those win conditions, you can interact with the plants in the level.

Each plant will give you the choice of watering it or cutting it down. Both methods render it harmless, though cutting it will completely wipe it out and therefore worsen the oxygen rate of the level while watering it makes it remain on the map as an obstacle that you can't pass through but it continues to provide oxygen. In addition to that, most plants will provide more oxygen after they have been watered.

Level Previews